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I love that the "tone" of phrack articles is the same as Cook's Illustrated articles. ;-)

A more environmentally friendly way of traveling by car. As some of you might recall in almost all the hacking movies, books, TV shows, etc. there has been a case of someone fiddling with traffic lights. Well we all just giggled at the unrealistic aspect of it and didn't think twice. Well in my quest for a more appealing planet for our children I felt compelled to think of a way in order to reduce the amount of pollution emitted by vehicles of today.

Standing at a intersection, nobody else around, you're still stuck behind the red light, and this invisible barrier of governmental guilt has enough power to let you wait there and pollute the air more and more, just for a measly green light. Wouldn't it be leet having a laptop in the car where you could just select the intersection off a list, change the timing or current stream running, and ride off with fewer time wasted and fewer pollutants exhausted and a clear conscience.

Now, enough crap about the reasons, now for the technical shit.

Today's traffic controlling system is a well oiled redundant network that utilizes the same protocols that we are all aware of. Yes it is hackable and it is like in the movies. :) here we go!


Its funny you mention this, because as I have gotten older (I'm 37 now), I always ask two questions when I'm driving before deciding to do it.

1) Is it safe? If yes, move to step 2.

2) Will I get caught? If no, proceed.

These two rules have kept me both safe and ticketless for 20 years. Of course I don't do this very often, but sitting at red light, when no one is around for miles, usually qualifies.

I am looking for information reguarding photo traffic light and there deficiencies.

why zebracrossings don't have any reflective items ?
why could'nt zebracrossings be alterted raising from heightwise?

This is weird becuase i was just wondering about how this works and if there is a site with more info. If there is please email me. THNKS