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We're going to have an open moblog for people to post pictures to on New Year's Eve to welcome 2003. It is "open" but please use common sense when sending stuff. The URL is The email address to send stuff to is The site and the email address will be running between GMT 2002/12/31 0:00-23:59.

Send jpeg images as attachments with the title of the item as the subject. The template will resize the height to 120 pixels. 120x120 is probably the best size.

Pass it on. ;-)

"Misoka" comes from "Omisoka" which means New Year's Eve in Japanese


Great idea, but do you want to suggest a limit on image sizes? Common sense mileage may vary from a guy on a modem to one with fiber-to-the-home.

Well, the main target is real-time uploading from mobile devices, like phones. Try to keep the images small...

So what about stationary photos? We look out on the Bay Bridge and have key seats to the Fireworks.

Since PST is on the 'end' of the day cycle - our posts will be 'at the end'. Only Hawaii is later.

OK. We're making this up as we go along... Stationary photos are fine, but the template will set the height of the image to 120 pixels so 120x120 is probably the best size.

Do that have to be taken that very night? Is that the idea or can they be recent shots?

Guess what... As the photos roll in, I realize that maybe bigger than 120x120 is fine since if you click, it zooms in. I guess just don't send HUGE files since the download size will be the same, just resized on the index...

great great idea,
I try to participate from France


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