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New Yera's Eve moblogging

New Year's moblog going. The New Year's Moblog is going. Please take a look... [Joi Ito's Web]

We got left in the dark :-(
So it's 5PM here in SF - which makes it 7PM in Chicago, 8PM in NYC and already 2AM in London.
But the site is dark and empty. I wonder what that means?
- it's too late for us West Coasters to post - we don't have our New Years Eve on the same day as everyone else
- Trilateral commission retribution for negative economic policies (and overall underground interests and sympathy penalty)
- never happened - it was just a figment of Joi's imagination
- the site was flooded by millions of uploads
- some other conspiracy involving the Taken, Joi, Tim Leary's spirit and a patridge ina pear tree

My sincere apologies. We had the site turn on at GMT 12/31 0000 and turn off at 1/1 0000. For some reason, we thought this would sweep around and give everyone 24 hours to post. Kind of a "Day in the Life" sort of thing. It also reflects no one on the team wanting to have the responsibility of monitoring the content of the uploads over New Years... just in case... (we should have trusted everyone more...) Anyway, I apologize to everyone who wanted to post, but couldn't. We'll do something again soon and will plan it better.

Anyway, the site is back online. We'll try to figure out a better way to display the content. Maybe a slide show? Anyone interested in trying to figure out how to do that? ;-)

Although it does remind me of all of the times that US web sites do maintenance based on US time zones and take critical sites in Japan off-line during the busiest times. ;-) Unintentional Time Zone fascism....


'Time Zone Fascism'? How about 'Chronism'? The term has some snap to it...

Dispite numerous tries between GMT 12/31 0000 and 1/1 0000, we were unable to post. Hope for better luck next time.

For those in the GSM countries, found a script that seems to work with the Nokia 7650 and pic moblogging.

One minute is was there, the next minute it wasn't. Guess I missed the chance to post. *shugs* Oh well.

Hmmmm... Sorry folks. We'll get it right next time. Sam, thanks for the link. I added it to my moblog resources list.

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