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In my entry about style, Cory commented on the difficulty of reading tiny grey fonts. I've gotten a lot of this kind of feedback. So... I just changed the style sheet. I made the fonts all default size and black. Tell me what you think. Actually, on most browsers, if you do a command-"-" and reduce the size of the fonts, it looks like it used to. Now it is a bit more flexible on the browsers that don't let you resize fonts defined absolutely in the style sheet. On the other hand, it looks a bit more childish in defalut mode. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. (I wish there was a polling feature in MT. Does anyone know of a polling feature that I can use on my site in situations like this?)


Did you also change the typeface? Even at smaller sizes, it still looks different than it did.

I'd suggest going with relative sizes in your CSS (font-size: x-small), and increasing the line-height (use % values, so it works regardless of font size).

Much better, thank you.

I like this font much better. A lot easier to read.

Now I'm politically correct, but a bit uglier... I did make the line-height 140% and I think it looks better with the extra white space. Thanks Liz.

I couldn't access micropoll. I'll try later. I'd like to get some feedback. Now the biggest question is, do I have the big fonts the default and let people drop the size down to view in "MT cool-mode" or do I make smaller fonts the default, but keep them relative so that people can resize them more easily... hmm... I'll keep it this way for now until I get the poll thing running. Unless I change my mind. ;-p

I use Advanced Poll with MT:

It requires a PHP installation, but MySQL is not required.


It doesn't look quite as sexy, but it's soooo much easier to read. Thumbs up :)

This is much much easier to read. Much better. If I go to a site/blog with tiny fonts, I just click away. Lazy? Maybe, but I can't be bothered to mess around with browser setting to read something for entertainment/interest.

If it's not easy to read, I won't read it: I read your blog for fun. Keep it big.

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