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So here goes my first poll... (thanks for the pointer to micropolls Jason!)
Do you like the current style with larger default fonts better than the old smaller font style? YES=40 / NO=46

(of course it doesn't concern you RSS feed people...)


I wasn't bothered by the smaller font. However, the larger font is more readable. The main thing I don't like about the new format is that I'm now forced to scroll horizontally or widen my browser window. If you want to keep the larger default font for the blog entries, perhaps try reducing the text-size/width of the left column?

Joi - Much better. Much more readable. But I'd reformat the blogroll and the links in the sidebar. These can be much smaller. Maybe even 50% - or the size of your old font. The content (current) is most important. Just my opinion. I think the simplicity would be welcome to your reviewers. I use a pretty small sidebar/blog roll font. Check it out...

Alan. That's how I originally had it when I first changed the fonts, but when you shrink the fonts (which is how I view it) the sidebar shrinks beyond viewability. Having said that, I should probably make it look how I want most people to view it. I took your advice and made the sidebar "small". Still, the default fonts still look bigger than most sites have their fonts. Do most sites have their fonts set small? Hmm...

Ugh. Either the body text is too big, or the sidebar is too small. Why not switch to relative font sizes, and let people resize easily if they want to (e.g font-size: x-small)? That's what I've seen suggested in "accessibility" guides, and it's what I'm using on mamamusings. It seems to work fine; can use command-+ to make it larger, or set your minimum default font size to larger, if you have readability problems, or leave it alone if there's not.

Actually Liz, they ARE relative. The body has no font size and the side bar is x-small. But guess what. Today, for people who accept cookies, I will let you save you choose your style sheet and save the state. Ha!

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