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Interestingly, I found this on Mitch Ratcliffe's blog. Now I'm reading US blogs for Japanese news.

Mitch Racliffe
I wonder what Joi Ito thinks about this approach.
Ministry wants techs to go it alone - The Asahi Shimbun

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is looking for ways to motivate technical experts working for large companies to start up their own businesses.

The measure is an attempt to make more efficient use of skills that remain underutilized in corporations.

The ministry intends to establish a 10-member study group comprising academics and industry experts this month. The group will discuss specific rules and measures for supporting technicians who are willing to set up new companies. The results will be compiled in a March report.

Well, I think people's first impression is probably the right one. Sometimes these study groups are interesting to participate in, but usually no one reads the reports. It may end up turning into funding, regulatory waiver laws or something like that, but it won't change the basic underlying reason people don't spin out of big companies. Big companies are comfortable, low risk, still relatively high returns (big retirement bonuses) and very prestigious. There is a survey by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor that shows that in 1999, people asked whether "people around you respect entrepreneurs" 90% of Japanese answered "no". Almost 100% of the people interviewed in Spain and about 80% in the US answered "yes". Why? Because, you have to be damn stupid or a loser to not keep your cushy job in a big company. Japan is still low-risk / high-return for people following the "elite" path. There's not much a committee can do about this, and most people are already aware of this.

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