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Had lunch with Ejovi Nuwere today. He's a friend of Ken who used to work for me and they did some security work together. Ejovi has a new book, Hacker Cracker which was picked up in Wired News recently. It's an amazing story about Ejovi who grew up Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy and how a tech oriented kid used computers to build his life. He's lived in Japan and is now here writing some articles getting more and more into policy and privacy related issues. We had a lot of interests in common and it's great to meet a like-minded person from a very different background. He's got a blog and a site for his book.


ejovi, i am currently reading your book, i think its great, it gives me hope to see a kid growing up in your enviroment become such a genius. i really dont know anything about hacking but i want to start (keep it on the dl)but probably nothing bigtime. i probably sound like some idiot wannabe but i have think i have the spirit of a hacker, if this was any one elses site i wouldnt expect a reply back, but after reading your book, and realizing who you are, i take it your a cool enough guy. are you still practicing kung fu? me and my brother practice hung ga. ever heard of it? sorry for sounding like an idiot.


Gabe, thanks for the comment. I suggest you check out my blog @

Dear Ejovi,

I work at CBC The Current, a current affairs radio show in Toronto, Canada and I am very interested in your story as a child hacker. We would like to interview you (over the phone) if you are available. Please let me know.

Hi Ejovi,

I read your book last night. I could not stop reading it, your story was absolutely amazing.

Respect, full respect to you.


This book was a GREAT find!! Your story is a movie just waiting to happen. It is TRULY inspirational to read about the Renaissance man that you are today's formative years in many different worlds!

Live Strong.

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