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found this on Smartmobs

iSee is an inverse surveillance application for wireless devices and web-browsers that enables users to monitor and avoid CCTV surveillance cameras. iSee users are presented with an interactive map showing the locations of known CCTV cameras in public space. Users click on the map to specify a point of origin and destination, and iSee employs artificial intelligence algorithms to determine a path of least surveillance between the two points that avoids as many cameras as possible.
So Cool! I want iSee built into my phone. I guess we could just write an i-Apli Java script to do it on our Docomo phones... hmm...

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I'm always open to ways to resist invasive surveillance, but as Declan pointed out in his column a couple of days ago, the inceasingly small and cheap tools of surviellance and the proliferation of wireless will enable a panopticon omnisurveillance that will be impossible to avoid. All of this surveillance will be networked together and tightly integrated with very sophisticated biometric analysis, including even how we walk (gate analysis), so no matter where we go, they will know exactly where we are, who we talk to and what we say. And for those remote "rural" areas, well... the US is now approving surveillance drones to fly over the US to assist in remote law enforcment activities.

At the moment, especially since reading Declan's article, I'm not sure how any of us will be able to escape such a nightmare, that if implemented would be beyond anything Orwell could have ever imagined.