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Michael from Danger says that they have been moblogging internally since the launch and I think that some of the code from HipTop Nation came from Michael. Michael, is this the same code you are running on Hiplog? Anyway, congratulations. This is great. Bridging the gap between hardware companies and the Net...

January 12, 2003

Danger, Inc. is finally catching up with its fan base, launching Hiplog for users of the Danger Hiptop to moblog — months after HipTop Nation was launched by Danger HipTop enthusiasts.

(Thanks, Fabio!)

Got a hiptop? Then spit it out!

Hiplog is blogging by hiptop. Send email from your hiptop to The subject of your message becomes the title of your hiplog entry. The text of your message become the text of the entry. Want to make your hiplog a photojournal? Take snapshots with your hiptop and send them to hiplog. It's as easy as sending email.

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Hi Joi,

Oh, no, isn't at all using the same code. The stuff I put together for the photo gallery was a quick hack to get people sharing photos (and testing the camera) at Danger. It was a simple perl script that extracted text and images out of incoming messages and generated html on the fly.

Then Dave Bort was going on a trip and wanted to blog from his device, but wanted something more flexible than my script. So he broke it out a bit and, rather than generating the html when the mail came in, he stored the text in a flat-file db and added a php front-end. Several folks read Dave's blog and wanted blogs of their own, so he started sharing the code with people, like Mike Popovic (who had worked at Be, Inc. with both Dave and me). I'm sure Mike's greatly changed the code since then to make it scalable.

Internally, the launch-day blog that we did was really fun, since it got a lot of people who normally don't blog to give their experiences throughout the day. But that was an event-blog, not an ongoing one.

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