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Ever since I started REALLY counting on my RSS feeds for my news, I realized that I read Declan's Politech and David Farber's IP list less. I took matters into my own hands and in the last week talked both David Farber and Declan into at least giving blogging a try. They were on the top of my list of mailing list operators who REALLY need to become bloggers. Please email Declan and Dave and give them your vote of support.

It's part of my new Switch campaign. RSS and MetaWeblogAPI for everyone. ;-)


that is like, to convert DJs into actual musicians : ) this case, both know how to play instruments. but may be they are liking cut up and mix rather than creating music.

So if Dave is doing this, do you have a URL for his weblog, its not on the archive site.

Well, Dave and Declan both do a lot of writing themselves. I guess there is the copyright issue. Most bloggers quote bits and pieces whereas Dave an Declan tend to post the whole thing... This will be an interesting test of fair use.

I've set Declan and Dave up with accounts on my MT site. I think they'll mess around for awhile, see if they like it and then move off and do their own. I'm setting them up with MT because it is the easiest for me to help them on, but I think they'll do a search of the various solutions before the settle down. They haven't posted anything yet, but their sites are and ... not to put pressure on them or anything. ;-)

You could also use a mail-to-blog layer such as Hep:

What makes Hep different from all of these is that it's not tied too closely to any one type of message, or messaging protocol. Hep isn't an e-mail tool, or an RSS tool. It's more of a universal message tool.

You can connect to Hep using ZOE, Spaces, or Radio if you want. You can also use a traditional PIM program like Outlook, or Unix tools like fetchmail, procmail, and wget. And Hep will let you connect these tools in ways that were never possible before.

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