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Poor Larry. But I think Larry's right. MAYBE this will get people to realize that the default path is that we are stripped of our rights. I hope people get pissed off and get up off their damn butts and do something about it. Larry's not giving up.

Justices Uphold Copyrights in a Victory for Walt Disney
Filed at 10:21 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld longstanding copyrights designed to protect the profits of songs, books and cartoon characters, a huge victory for Disney and other companies.

The 7-2 ruling, while not unexpected, was a blow to Internet publishers and others who wanted to make old books available online and use the likenesses of a Mickey Mouse cartoon and other old creations without paying high royalties
The Constitution ``gives Congress wide leeway to prescribe `limited times' for copyright protection and allows Congress to secure the same level and duration of protection for all copyright holders, present and future,'' Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said from the bench.
Congress passed the copyright law after heavy lobbying from companies with lucrative copyrights.


Ok, this sucks. Lets turn all of our Blogs black to protest similar to what was done years ago to protest the CDC

Actually, I think this is the right decision based on the constitution. It may not be the best for our society, but if so, we should ammend the constitution rather than reinterpret the laws as we wish....

Many people tend to want to reinterpret law rather than rewrite it, since it seems so much easier. But we must work with the system we have, the system everyone believes in... Good luck to all sides... ;)

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