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I appears that one blog, DynaWeb was the concern of the Chinese government (I read this first on Dave Winer's Weblog) which had information about how to get around the government filters. According to the DynaWeb site, Blogger/Blogspot seems to be available again with only DynaWeb's DNS being screwed up by the government poinpointing the target. According the DynaWeb, it was an article in Forbes by Juliana Liu that pushed the Chinese government to remove the filter on Blogspot.


FWIW, we also changed the IP of Don't know if that had anything to do with it, but the timing was similar.

Thanks Evan. Interesting... I wonder which it was. Anyway, you guys got A LOT of publicity. Congratulations! ;-)

Interesting to hear. Perhaps they realized that blogs are apolitical. A big mistake, but a useful one to make.