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I've been meaning to learn flash ever since Josh Davis called me "old school" during the Prix Ars Electronica jury meeting last year for discounting the importance of flash. With the cool political flash statements as well as some of the silly ones, I've been feeling more and more that flash might be an interesting medium for me if I could learn to use it well. So... On the flight back from Hawaii, I wrote my first flash "thingie". I don't even know what you call flash stories. I used Adobe LiveMotion... Anyway, technically, it's really stupid and simple and I wasn't going to publish it. A few people suggested that I post it anyway, and knowing myself, I think publishing is probably the best pressure/incentive for me to learn/do more.

It's 372K. It's a little slide show of people I've met recently and how they are influencing my thoughts about "IT"... (not information technology, but the BIG "IT")

Joi's first flash


Very cute, good to get your feet wet eh? I've been playing a lot with Flash MX and it's scripting language lately, it's fun stuff. I haven't tried LiveMotion yet though.

On a vector graphics note, W3C recently released their new spec for Scalable Vector Graphics, and there's a thoughtful article contrasting SWF against SVG on O'Reillys. Saw these on /.

SWF is not an open standard, but there is documentation avaiable for it. There are several open-software projects that publish to SWF. But SVG is an actual open standard. The cool thing about SVG is it describes drawing/animation in XML, so it is more, er "semantic" I guess you would say. You could create a search engine to search the text (or maybe even pattern recognition?) of all the SVG movies on the internet theoretically. I think you could techncially do this with SWF via Macromedia's c++ SDK. But it sounds like kind of a pain. Anyway, SVG is an interesting standard I'm sure we'll be hearing more of.

Flash is evil. You were just seduced to the dark site. Think about it... you just bypassed content for the hype of soundbites on famous faces. Flash, versus blogging, is something that only a few people can do, and it's another example of a technology that reduces the ability of individuals (meaning the plebes,not the digiterati) to do things on the net. Times will change, and it will get less exclusive, but it's pretty convolutedly insane now.

Of course I love them cause they're fun and whitty... especially, and not just because I show up in one of them. Calculus and Curtain are my favs.

i like joi's play
please show Show per month once.
and interested in SVG too

Hello! Fun stuff eh?
I really believe that the great unfulfilled promise of "multimedia" is, perhaps, truer and freer self-expression, untethered by the contraints of written languages. Some of the most creative people I know are the folks who create multimedia arts. Unfortunately, it is still a complexe learning curve to be trully expressive with such things (learning Flash, After Effects, etc...) but I think the advent of such solutions as Apple's iLife suite will slowly get people more "into it" (i.e.: learning to think in multimedia as you and I know think in language).

Also, Flash is great for building web-based apps: how does a Flash based MoveableType management tool sound? just the admin interface, not the published end result. 100% doable.

Just a thought. A small thought in exchange for the many you share with us everyday.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's clear that Flash or not to Flash is a lot more political than I thought. ;-) Boris, I agree with you about iLife. I think that Flash or something like it to extend your multimedia content management -> publishing is a good way to get people into it. I THINK that's part of what Marc Canter is trying to do. Flash front end to MT? Sounds cool. Where are all of the flash developers? I don't see them in the blogging space... or maybe they're in a different blogging space. Pete? Josh?

372k, eh? Did you try posterizing and then vectorizing the graphics? (The included Squeeze - or Wildform FLIX- might do this for you automagically if you made the slideshow into a Quicktime movie first) Anyway, I dont know Flash well.. but I think that you might be able to achieve a real comic book look there..And a MUCH smaller file size.. Don't stop trying..

BTW, I love the 'photo-novella' format..

Its a great genre..


Cool! Thanks Kevin!