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So my flu is basically better, but I'm really nervous today. Just when I thought I was getting over my chronic butterflies, I've got them again. In a few hours, I'm the first one up to bat on the panel about the Blueprint for Japan. It's going to be in the big room here and is a full blown plenary. Later in the evening, I will be the coordinator at the Japan dinner. For some reason, this year it's quite popular and there are over 200 people registered. The coordinator is a position that professor Takeuchi created where he acts like a talk show host going around the room asking for comments. He's VERY good at it. The Japan dinner became very popular after they changed to this format. I'm definitely not going to be as good at it. I tried to get out of it, but Idei-san told me I should do it. (gulp) Then, tomorrow morning, again in the big room, I am the "challenger" to Heizo Takenaka, our Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy and Michael Porter is the moderator. Takenaka-san will be coming just for the day and it is a short 30 minute session. I like Takenaka-san at lot, but my job is to "put him on the spot." Hmm...

So maybe this is what I get for saying that they never invite me to speak at Davos. At least it's all at the beginning. It's all fun stuff after that. The other good think is that since they are both plenary sessions, they are the part of Davos that will be covered by the media, which means I can blog them. ;-)


Break a leg!

Joi, remember, your talks always end up going well.

If you are representing Japan, try not to sneeze and send gobs of stuff flying onto the TV cameras. People might think Japan is not yet ready for the Security Council seat if you do that.

Good luck!

I am looking forward to seeing the webcast of the session tomorrow.

Wish I could be there to hear you! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Thanks everyone for your support. The morning session went very well. It was actually a smaller room than I thought so I wasn't nervous when I got on stage. One down two more to go. I'm going to upload some of the slides we used.

I'm actually most worried about tonight. I'm not nearly as funny or good at being a talk show host as Takeuchi-san and I think most people would be more happy to have him do it. I wonder why I got the job... hmm...

Good Luck, relax and have fun with it!

(ps they never invite me to speak either!)

Good luck Joi! You'll do great.