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vorschau.jpgI heard that there are more movies produced in India than anywhere else in the world. I saw a lot of Indian movies on my flight to India and have started to really enjoy their interesting style. Here is a very funny Peugeot commercial that looks like it was shot in India.

Thanks for the link Neeraj!


A spectator will be glad if JOI makes maharaja's comedy.

I love this advert, it's pure genius!

I liked the ad too. music was nice too.

Please if anybody knows the name of song and artist of this commercial?

The song was created specifically for the commercial, but I hear they may actually create a full-length version. Fantastic ad.

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I'v been looking for this song since I saw that ADVERT

YOU RAWK and so do the people who made this song!! THANX ;)

Funny how many people loved that song. I was looking on the internet for it as well and I wasn't expecting to find it but its here you guys are awesom and so is the song

This ad is pure class. The music is great and the setup is genius. A classic that is one for the record books.

This is the Best Commercial i have ever seen in my life....everyone i showed it to said the same....but i just can't seem to find anotha copy of it...can u link me to a sight where i can get it again...thanx



thank you for the link, i have been searching for this clip to download since i saw this ad.

thank you.

woahh! that's great music... thanks for the references;

The spot is called 'The Sculptor'.

By the way, have you noticed that in the first scenes the driver seat is at the right, while at the end the seat is located at the left?...

BUT, does anyone know which version of the song is played during the commercial? I believe the extended mix version is played, but is slowed down to fit the commercial "mood." Any other guesses?

Ay does anyone know the name sor profile of the indian men in the the guy who is driving and the one who sculpts the car.

The slowed down song is Raja Mushtaq - Heaven is a place on earth. I think thats the original. "Husan" and "the sculptor" are remixes.

Hi guys! Like you, I love this commercial.. nice concept. By coincidence I found another car commercial, you might know of it, the "Honda Cog Advert" (domino effect stuff). If you don't try searching for it on Kazaa or eMule etc. This one is a "must see" coolest ever!

Please can someone mail me the name of that song in the commercial? And hwo sings it


Mail me please!!

I want to know the name of the song and the singer's name from the Peugeot commercial shot in India

Thank you

omg i love this ad!!!! i hope tha people that made it read this site and realise that all there hard work paid off!!!! its sooooo funny:D:D:D lol thanx a bunch guys, good actors, set, props, music, plot, lighting....etc!

this ad is absolute genius.!!!
me and my crush have been haccking our brains to find what its called and who sings it !!

Anyone know what the name of the song is that was used in the commercial?
I loooooove it and want a copy.

i love that commercial!

i think the artist is raja mushtaq


Can somebody give me the name and artist of the song of Peugeot Commercial shot in India ?

Also, can somebody give that song in .mp3 format ?


The ad was NOT shot in india and the "song" is not a song but a 15 second music clip. IIRC the ad was shot in a studio somewhere in europe ... netherlands I think.

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this ad now?


try downloading it. i think you might find it on a file sharing program. try limewire, its free and its better then kazaa and winmx, but it might not be on there so its up to you

Actually, this commercial was directed by a production company in Amsterdam and the music composed by a Dutch guy. Art director and copy writer are from the Euro RSCG office in Milano, Italy...but correct me if am wrong.

The ad was shot in India. Such detailing about is impossible to replicate. The idea behind the ad was -

- The TV ad was shot in India and the main character was a young boy, whose big dream is to get 206. "The film is essentially about desire for a beautiful object. It takes place in a country where Peugeot does not exist so you can only dream about it. While the 206 is the best-selling small car in Europe, our Indian character has to go to extreme lengths to get one", say Creative Directors Roberto Greco and Giovanni Porro. (source -

Ok people, I am addicted to this song now, I need so did anyone found out where this song is accessible. Let search now... I can not work anymore!!!

Just kidding of course but I would like to get the song


you can watch the video for the song here (the bhangra knights version):