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habbo_hotel.gifNeeraj just launched Habbo Hotel Japan. I wrote about it before, but it is a cool 2.5D chat space where you can build your own room and play games as well. It's a shockwave and it takes about a minute to set up an account and it's free. It's less sophisticated than Sims Online, but maybe better because it focuses more on the community aspect. I sometimes have difficulty with Sims Online because the balance between gameplay and socializing is kind of difficult. Sometimes it feels like you're "in the way" of Sims trying to make money doing stupid repetitive tasks. Habbo (maybe because it's free) has a younger and more social population, generally speaking, although I HAVE met some nice people on Sims Online.

I'm Joi and Neeraj is NikoNiko in Habbo.


Hmmm. I wonder what I can do to get the fonts to work right in XP... I can't see Japanese in shockwave...

As long as you have Japanese fonts on your system, Shockwave should display Japanese as well.

It now costs...or something

It now costs...or something


HI folks!
Please visit our Finnish habbo funsite

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