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I'm a Webby Judge in the "community" category. We're nominating sites first. If anyone has suggestions, please post them here and I'll take a look. Thanks!


i have 3 noms, not that i think they're all that original, but they are the type of community i believe in.

hiptop nation, because it combines bligging and community in a novel and mobile friendly way:

metafilter, because even if it is sometimes pompous, it's all about what everyone says:

plastic, because it is all crust and no middle. and the french will tell you the crust is the best part:

Game Neverending ( is
an online game I've really gotten into. It's a browser-based massive multiplayer
game and the company behind it is actually a bunch of people in the blog community, like
Bloggies nominee Eric Costello from Anyway,
the game itself is witty and fun but
what's even cooler is the quality of the player community,
definitely a pretty diverse bunch of smartypants coders, writers, polyglots,
philosophers, and the occasional AOL type. They just closed their first round of testing, so the game itself is temporarily
unavailable, but the fan community is still going strong (the homepage above links to a bunch of fansites, including my own, 'Ludus Perpetuus.'

hey, me!!
vote for me!!

I'd like to submit my site for your inspection.
"Cool" is entirely subjective... so I will leave it for you to decide:

Arbitrary Design

My site is a gallery of sculpture, photography and digital design.
I hope you enjoy it.


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