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The hinge on my 15 inch TiBook broke. The Powerbook display was hanging on from one hinge. I had to write a paper. My 802.11g base station had just arrived. What to do. I always use the opportunity of giving forward as my excuse to buy new stuff. So, I went out and bought a 12 inch PowerBook G4. I copied the system from my 15 inch to my new computer using Carbon Copy Cloner, which is one of my favorite utilities. No go. The new machine didn't recognize the system. I did a fresh re-install and randomly dragged folders to the new machine that looked important. That worked, but took way too much work. Anyway, I'm switched and have set up my 802.11g connection at home and I love it. I just uploaded a 1.7MB QT movie to my blog. zip... Done. ;-) I'm sitting here gloating instead of writing my paper on emergent democracy which is the excuse I gave myself for making such an impulse buy. Better get back to writing.


be careful joi. all that gloating and your topic may change from emerging democracy to benevolent consumerism. congrats on the new machine. my new 17" iMac w/ 802.11g arrives in a few days, but i still have a older basestation.


done gloating... ;-)

I'll very surprised if you get that 17-inch PB before April. My sources say the units aren't even in production, yet.

On another note, Joi, I checked out a 12-inch PB and am very sceptical -- the case was really hot, indicating heat dissipation is a problem. There may be just too much stuff jammed in there.

Yeah, it runs pretty hot, but it's nice because it's really cold right now. (snowing outside)... but I guess that's not the point.

Well, if your Powerbook is keeping you warm at night, you've got bigger problems than heat dissipation! ;^>

ohhhhh. sorry. didn't mean to come across so harsh joi. maybe i'm just jealous because i still don't have my new mac yet. mitch, i ordered an imac, not an AlPoBook, so believe it or not i just got confirmation that it has just left taiwan on its way to the US. i should have it on tuesday