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Alert Status from Just Some Thoughts...
February 18, 2003 1:22 AM

Joi Ito's Web: Code Orange p. I saw this a couple days ago but didn't have time to link to Read More

Chris Kagy laughed. But this cartoon hits a bit too close to the truth for me to laugh much. Well, Read More

Joi Ito found a political cartoon that is absolutely indicative of the state that the US is currently in. Freedoms Read More

CODE ORANGE from Heli's Heaven and Hell Radio
August 3, 2004 6:44 PM

Queen Beatrix, Queen of Orange-Nassau , has sent Bush a congratulatory letter about his decision to make orange the national colour and paint Washington and New York orange. Read More

Whiplash by Joi Ito and Jeff Howe
Freesouls by Joi Ito

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