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I just received this email and downloaded the book. It's great.

email from Ryuichi Sakamoto
From: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Date: Tue Feb 18, 2003 6:37:49 AM Japan
To: Joichi Ito
Subject: Dear Friends

Dear friends,

recently one of my friends went to Iraq to meet the people and see their lives.
Soon after he came back he published the book "On a small bridge in Iraq"
which just came out in Japan.
Please see the pictures of the Iraqi people and their lives.
Those are beautiful pictures.
Can we bomb them, the people just like us?

Please go to
and download the English version of the pdf file.

Ryuichi Sakamoto


The guy is obviously not a pro photographer: all the pictures are underexposed and a little blurry. Maybe I need to calibrate my monitor?

Derek, maybe there's a joke in your comment that I'm not getting, but I don't think the book/.pdf are about the photos, nor whether they were taken by a "pro".

It looks like a fake to relaunch an out-of-business dating platform like Meezoog. Nothing mentions TPB on that site, neither on the Meezoog's blog: on its approximate Facebook Connect application, Pirate Date (counting just 2 fans, right now) cites TPB for its "concept", but I wasn't able to find any announcement about an official partnership with TPB or one of its founders. If you notice, Pirate Date doesn't show the real TPB logo: the ship was a little changed adding an hearth on the sails and that font family in the header could easily be used by anyone. Fail.

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