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Blogstreet just launched a new tool that uses Java to let you view your Blogstreet "neighborhood" and click on your neighbors to expand and see their neighborhoods, etc. You get the idea. The tool is on their site and the developer, Veer, blogs about it.

I think the tools is fun, but two notes. I don't know my neighbors very well, but maybe that's not the point. Maybe it is about who I SHOULD know... It would be neat to be able to view Technorati data this way. Also, although it is fun, I'm not sure exactly how useful these visualizations are when you're in high-efficiency, I'm-too-busy-to-eat-lunch-because-I'm-blogging mode...

Although I'm enjoying dragging Doc and Dave around and watching the other blogs wiggle as they follow Doc and Dave around the screen. It's particularly fun in show "all" mode where there are a lot of blogs following them around... ;-)

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Yup its very cool to use.... like a game.. u keep on playing and moving yr neighbours around :) Touchgrahp has made a fantastic tool. Infact I was there few hours back playing and happen to notice yr blog mentioning abt that feature.

How I dropped in here is simple... I was trying to get some food for my grey cells on moblogging and HERE I'm ;)

Well now coming to business.. I tried opening the Mblog Resource Page at yr radio server.. but I always get js errors on clicking the indvdual links or the expand all link.
Ne way I can over come that. [i tried both in ie and opera]
thxs again for nice texts on yr blog.
It goes into my bookmarks ;)

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