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web_sharing_home.gifNoteTaker 2003 is a very groovy outliner that does lots of cool things like publish to the web, voice annotation and all kinds of other things that I haven't figured out yet. They shipped version 1.1 yesterday. Guess what. It does OPML! I griped about the fact that it didn't do OPML, before when I tried the previous release. Maybe this will be the "missing link" in my personal information management struggle. I've just bought it, installed the contextual menu and will try it out. Will report later after I've used it about, but just wanted people to know that it was out.


Have you tried OmniOutliner? Can you compare them?

Yes. I use OmniOutliner. I've used it quite a bit now. I will write a comparison after I've given NoteTaker a go.

Joi, the link on this entry is broken. As is the grammar. :-)

Thanks. Fixed the entry. (was missing a quotation mark...) BTW, here is the press release in PDF.

Hmm.. for some reason their site won't let me DL the demo...

Looks very cool, though. Outliners are very useful in so many ways..

Quick update...

There's a lot more here than I imaged. The save as web page and audio annotation features are cool. Again, more later after I complete my experiments.


Do you know if there is a Windows version for this software?


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