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An op-ed that I drafted with the help of everyone here and here (with a final re-draft by Pamela from WEF) just ran. They cut my "special thanks" section...

The Internet, and the "blogs" (Web log services) in particular, provide opportunities for the passive Japanese public to wake up before the catastrophe. The Internet is also a way to enable the youth of Japan, currently silenced by the older generation and destined to get stuck with supporting them, to speak up and organise themselves before it is too late. This is critical both for themselves and for Japan as a whole.

You need to register to read the article online... Thank for all of your help with this everyone!


Looks like a good start in the SCMP. Attribution at end gives good emphasis to Blueprint.

hi joi,
i woke up this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see your article in our paper.
i hope your writings are being published in japan as well. i think such ideas need to be hammered into the public consciousness to incite the much needed changes.

Easterwood said in a recent blog entry of his that blogging was mentioned in Yomiuri Shinbun.

He has scanned the article and you can find it in here:

Yup. We've been helping this guy with his article. He's a young guy and quite into it. Look for more articles in the Yomiuri about blogging. ;-)

Congratulations on getting this published. Any word on whether any US media are going to pick it up? They should. Maybe Dan Gillmor could bend the ear of someone at the Merc?

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