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Ernie quotes a new blogger friend of his, Steve Covell. He calls it the three stages of blog awareness

Ernie the Attorney
"OK, a couple of weeks ago I knew nada about the subject of blogs. Here is my take on the 3 stages of blogging:

1) There must be something to blogs because so many people are into it, but I don't have a clue.

2) OK, it does seem kind of cool and there is much, much more to it than I expected. I just don't see any really practical applications.

3) Oh my God, the things I can do with this are coming to me faster than I can keep up with."

Actually, there is at least another stage:
4) Oh, no. I'm addicted to blogging...

You are addicted to blogging if you answer "yes" to at least 3 of the following questions:

Do you think about everything in terms of whether it will make a good blog entry?

Do you keep your computer in standby mode beside your bed and wake up at 2am to blog?

Do you skip lunch and blog instead?

Do you accept speaking engagements or make travel decisions based on whether they will make good blog material?

Do you have your RSS newsreader open during meetings and keep hitting "refresh"?

Do you sit around trying to figure out how you can redesign your job so you can blog more?

Do you think blogs will suddenly cause an emergent democracy and save the world?


Thanks for the Steve Covell link, but the link has a " that leads to a 404 error. It should be not"

Thanks again.

Hey, I know what you are talking about. Started writing a blog on drug addiction a few weeks ago, and now I'm addicted, to blogs.

Only two qualify me as an addict?
I'm in serious trouble!
I was worried already, I found this site searching for "blog addiction..."
Is there a help line?
Somebody should blog that....

hahaha.. sooo funny. Yes I'm an addict, is there a support group. My thing is I am in search of the perfect blog template, I just sign up to every free host possible in search of the perfect theme/template. That should be one of the warning signs, don't you think?

Hi. My name is Kelly and I'm a blogaholic.

Hey here is a list of the top ten non drug addictions as measured by searches on the internet. Unfortunately blog addiction doesn't make the honorable mention list.

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