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As a result of a short, but useful discussion, I've decided to have have created a new RSS feed. Now I have four feeds for this site: RSS 1.0 Full Text Feed, RSS 1.0 Excerpt Feed, RSS 0.91 Full Text Feed, and RSS 1.0 Comments Feed. Now will someone create a way for people to post comments from the RSS clients?


Joi, RSS 2.0 has a <comment> element, which is supported in Radio, and other aggregators. You can post a comment directly from Radio. I do it all the time. I wrote a walkthrough on this a few weeks ago, showing how an aggregator developer can support the comment element. I believe NetNewsWire does, for example.

I came up with a
simple RSS 2.0 template addition
for Movable Type to do comments from aggregators like Syndirella. You may find it useful.

While the discussion is on RSS, Joi do you know of *any* Japanese RSS readers or aggregators? I have been looking but I can't see any...

I want to show some of my Japanese friends RSS feeds but I don't think they will get it if the software displaying the feed is US software.

Hmm... Hirata, do you know of any?

NetNewsWire and Feedreader can treat Japanese if it is UTF-8. I don't know any good tools for other (euc-jp, shift-jis, jis) codes. (Japanese only)

Here is a site introducing Japanese RDF/RSS.

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