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even more stupid dsico mashups, remixes and pop destruction: even better than the real thing
I recently discovered this new form (Feel free to tell me that this is old news and I'm totally out of it. I have no idea...) of remix on Takemura-sensei's blog. These are remixes which mash together weird combinations of artists making a totally strange, but really cool new version. There are two site dsico and ritmic which have a bunch of these remixes that you can download. Have no idea who "owns" this stuff, but totally weird and cool and great for testing my new E5c's. ;-)

Here are some examples:

Celine Dion+Sigur Ros
Whitney Houston+Kraftwerk
Eminem+Britney Spears
Kylie Minogue+New Order


You should check out this story I wrote about mashups for Salon last year:


Acid (the software) is the TB303 of "bastard pop"...

Ah, so it IS old news. ;-) Nice article.

I suggest you also check out for some other cool tracks and interesting links.

I'm partial to 2Many DJs mashdown of Salt'n'Pepa's "Push It" and Iggy and the Stooges' "No Fun". F'ing classic.

And, Joi, I never knew about this until I heard the infamous 2Many cuts on the instore soundtrack of the Agnes b. Homme in Mark City about five months ago, so don't feel too bad.

Oooooh! I "guessed" my way around the 2Many DJs "SoulWax" site last spring and downloaded myself 10 hours of their bootleg mixes (read: can't get this anywhere!). They kept me bouncing all summer!

Example cool mixes:
Smells Like teen Spirit (Nirvana) + Bootylicious (Destiny's Child)
Stayin' alive on top of a fat reggae jam
Good Vibrations (Beach Boys) + Hooha! (Bustah Ryhmes)
and oooh so much more!

It also caused me to spend the summer pontificating to my DJ and music industry friends the cultural significance of this trend.

Also look into Breezeblock sets by various DJs and performers. Breezeblock is a weekly show on the UK's BBC Radio 1. Example: One-hour session of Bjork playing her favorite recordings, including a hindi version of "I will always love you" which blows Whitney Houston out of the water.

On a related note, but music of an entirely different nature: check out "The Streets". A young Londoner cranking out street level hip-hop with a cockney accent. Think "Guy Ritchie meets hip-hop". He's topping the charts and will be on Jay Leno next week. The catch? No major label support. Especially interesting are the lyrics to "Let's push things forward":

"You say that every thing sounds the same
Then you go buy them!
There's no excuses my friend
Let's push things forward."


"The broad shouldered 51% shareholder
You won't find us on Alta Vista
Cult classic, not bestseller"


Probably the best one I heard was Freelance Hellraiser's Stroke of Genius, a mixture of The Strokes and Genie In A Bottle by Christina. Matches up perfectly and fits better then a lot of them.

Do yall think music culture is heading towards a future where tracks are released for free and musicians earn their money through concerts and sponserships?

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I just read Joi Ito's post about mashups. I found the Kylie Minogue + New Order "Can't Get You Out Of My Head vs. Blue Monday" remix on an Inrockuptibles compilation CD a few months ago, but I didn't know there were so many of them: C駘ine Dion vs. Sigur Read More