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So here I am at a conference with some of the best minds in the world in wireless. We are discussing whether spectrum should be made available to "the commons" or distributed in a property owership sort of method. I'm not an expert, but the arguments for the commons seem to make the most sense. It seems that the main barrier is that the FCC has to protect "the dinosaurs." So, many people from the FCC are here. They should "get it" after this discussion. If the FCC embraces the thoughts being discussed here and opens up the spectrum to the commons, US vendors working in the US market could have a HUGE advantage over vendors in countries where local regulators either don't "get it" or are more hand-tied by the dinosaurs. I guess the question is how much the FCC needs to protect the dinosaurs.

BTW, Cory on Boing Boing is doing such a great job on notes, that I'm just going to post opinions. ;-)

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