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At the party, Gnome Girl, Chris and I were talking about how it would be cool to have personal icons in the blogroll. We went over to Jason of and begged him to include it. . Mr. 150 MPH Chris, made me a favicon "J" which, if you are using a compliant browser, should be visible. Thanks Chris! I don't remember for sure, but I think it was Gnome Girl who suggested that maybe icons should also show up when you post on other people's blogs... Everything I talked about at the party is a bit blurry... Anyway, this is fun. Thanks for my "J" Chris!


love it!!! And yes we should have our icons displayed on our blogrolls....ahem Jason!!!! :)

Hmm... it doesn't appear in Safari (but of course does in Mozilla). Perhaps because it is not 16x16 pixels in size? Strange.

I created a favicon for my site last night and was happy to learn that most browsers are equaly happy receiving a PNG instead of a Windows .ICO image. This is great since it opens things up.

Including this in blogroll should be simple enough...

Also, if you want the icon to show up in RSS aggregators, add this to your RDF (RSS 1.0) template:

and this to your RSS 0.91 template:

Joi Ito Web


ohh nooo!!! sorry about that! of course the code disappears.. :\

Let's try that again...
So, to have one's "favicon" appear in one's RSS feeds:

RSS 1.0 (RDF)
<image rdf:resource="" />

RSS 0.91
<title>Joi Ito Web</title>

That should do it. :)

The "J" favicon appears normaly in Safari here...

Thanks for the tips on the RSS feed Boris!

Odd... It doesn't show up in my Safari...

We had that problem this weekend making them browser compatible. Safari is still in Beta so everything is a toss up as to what actually works and doesn't there. My site sucks in Safari and no matter what I do for coding it doesn't fix it
Love Safari though as soon as they work out all the buggies :)

My pleasure!
Though in my haste I forgot a part for the RSS 1.0 (RDF) version:

This straight from the MT template I did for mine. Place this just before you start with the <item>s:

<image rdf:about="<$MTBlogURL$>favicon.png">
<title><$MTBlogName encode_xml="1"$></title>

(modify path to and name of the favicon file as you need)

(Oh and now that I am home, your favicon does appear in Safari... Funky!)

as the above comments indicate favicons seem to have a mind of their own. Even on IE6 on the PC, which you'd expect to fully support the feature, favicons appear and disappear at will. When they do show up they seem to have a half life of a week or so. Anyone have any knowledge of deep mysteries behind it all?

Well, if you just put the favicon.ico file in the root dir, it will automatically be used by IE for the _favorites_ functionality... i.e. if you add a favorite, it'll use it.

It will also sometimes show it in the Address bar, but it's not reliable there. To make it always show in the address bar, you need to add tags to each page referencing the favicon... I don't remember the exact format, but you can find it with a search...

Ah, yes, that would be:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/path/to/favicon.ico">
(placed in the head of any (x)HTML files you want the icon to show up for.

As I mentioned, .ico is a windows format. While the newer mac (and linux, etc) browsers do recognise them, wouldn't it be better if we used a nice, open format, like PNG? :D

(drat, my profession is showing...)

Does IE recognize png for the favicon as well?

"if you add a favorite, it'll use it."

More like it _might_ use it, if it so chooses. At least on my last 2 PCs running various flavors of Windows and IE...

Just a few things.

Don't use PNGs on IE. Their PNG lib sucks. You should use .ico files which area actually bitmaps (Mozilla support this).

DO NOT use favicons in RSS images. This is so bad.

Do please use images > 40x40 or so. Joi! You need to have an RSS image. I would recommend using

Also... NewsMonster has full support for favicons. They are in your subscription list and on all foreign links.


Thanks for the pointers. So I'm going to do this when I get back to Japan. I am going to really understand RSS and clean up the feeds. I promise. ;-) Kevin, thanks for the tip on RSS images.

My name is Jay, can I use your "J" favicon?

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