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Went to see The Woz. As I reported before, he's working on some cool new technology at Wheels of Zeus. The Woz has a bunch of Segways and he is getting a license to be a Segway trainer. I got notice from Amazon that I should call them and prepare to receive my Segway. The Woz said he would give me my training course.

The Japanese government just turned down my request for a special waiver to allow me to ride my Segway around in certain parts of Japan, even though the Prime Minister said that all of the waivers should be approved. Anyway, we're going to try to file again in the next round of applications in June.

Until then, maybe I'll keep my Segway in the Valley and cruise around with The Woz. ;-)


I so need to see that!!! :)

i just got back from japan and while i didn't have my segway ht at the time, it would have been amazing. i think we'll segways embraced more in countries like japan and france as opposed to the usa, at least for now. i gave up a car (1 out of 2) and use a segway ht for 90% of my travel needs, but i'm not sure others can or will make that leap.


Dang, Joi, you sure get around!

Yes, one must have several Segways; one for the garage, bedroom, bathroom, attic, basement, etc.

They add much to the decor.

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