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A RSS search engine, Roogle. What a great idea!


Thanks for this one. But it look more like a joke ? I am afraid that Google will not let it use his logo, and there are few blogs at this time.

I just discovered this one: blizg where I added my listing: Misc...

It does a nice job giving informations about registered blogs. But one have to add itselfe. let's see how it evolve.

Nice one! Directly under the search button it says;
"Known words you can search for:
joi, tablet, lindows, scoble, microsoft, flying, kasia"
You're a recommended search term! And the third most popular search term to boot! cool ;-)

peace - boblet

Roogle: "This was done as a research prototype to gauge interest. Clearly there is interest. Now that I know that, it'll get a lot better."
So, Roogle has a new look. Now it's thinking about a new name + logo. Sounds good.

Roogle's got a new logo + a new name: Feedster
Check it out at

u guys ar kinda... well harry

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