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I first met Stewart at the Fortune Magazine's Editors Invitaiton conference in Aspen last year. I knew of him from his column in Fortune Magazine, which I love. I like Stewart because he's a real gadget otaku, a great writer (can explain why things are exciting to non-techies) and is a successful venture capitalist. He is my role model in a sense. He seems to have a great time doing all of the things he is passionate about. Also, I find that he is such a nice guy that I sometime forget he's a venture capitalist. Maybe because I've been an entrepreneur longer than I've been a venture capitalist, or maybe because I don't know all of the best ones, but my stereotype image of venture capitalists is more arrogant... like Hollywood studio execs. Stewart, totally breaks that mold. Maybe that's why he's so busy and in the middle of everything. He doesn't scare everyone away...

We had an interesting discussion of the state of things. I did try to get him to think about blogging personally, but as with many professional journalists, he seemed to like the format that he has now. As we spoke, he introduced us to two companies on his blackberry and within a few hours I had meetings set up with them using my Danger Sidekick from the car. Gadgets rules...

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