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Had lunch with Ross Mayfield yesterday. Ross wrote a piece called The Ecosystem of Networks which described the three different networks: the political network, the social network and the creative network. This piece provided an essential framework for my paper on Emergent Democracy. (To give credit where credit is due, Ross coined the term "Emergent Democracy" here.) Ross and the SocialText crew also provided much of the essential infrastructure for the first "happening" on emergent democracy. Those of you who want to hear more about SocialText will probably hear more about it at the PC Forum.

Ross has a political science background which is very helpful in our discussions. We talked about emergent democracy and about what the next version of my paper should address. We talked about the idea of "The Journal of Emergent Democracy" and how I probably shouldn't blog about it until we thought it through some more. ;-p We talked about doing another happening and testing emergent democracy on the process of discussing emergent democracy. He promised that he would release version 2.0 of his Ecosystem of Networks soon. I better work on my next release Emergent Democracy soon as well. Maybe I can write it on the plane back to Tokyo.

Anyway, it was the first time to spend time on-on-one with Ross and great to meet a person who has a healthy balance of academic, public sector and business interests. Something I strive to balance myself.


you do have that balance :)

Good synergy, Joi and Ross. Let's do proceed to a set of clearly-defined requirements.

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