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So here is a great example of why we need to be able to link to stuff and not be endorsing them. From the Goldblogger website (Whuffie=thumbsdown

"You can't make money blogging."

How many times have you heard that?

If you are like me, it's once too often!

Who are these idiots that are making these wild claims? Not one of them can offer proof or facts to back up their statements.

But here is the truth.

I am making money with my blogs and so are the big names in the blogging community:

Rebecca Blood
Nick Denton
Glenn Reynolds
Andrew Sullivan
Dave Winer

All of them are accomplished writers and command a large and devoted audience of readers. But it is their entrepreneurialism that sets them apart. I call them GoldBloggers!

Via Chris Pirillo. So Chris, how did YOU find this site? Were you googling for "make money blogging"? ;-)


Actually, someone I met the other day asked me if I knew who it was. He was a marketer. Go figure.

Suuure, Chris. ;-)

Thanks for including me in the list. I should write a piece about that some day. My weblog has been an integral part of my software business since its inception.

inspired by Gizmodo, we ran an experiment to use blogs for economic development: we blogged cottage-country business opportunities culled from real-estate agents. For the cost of MT, the site attracted significant traffic within days.

When the Real Estate board found out we were sent immediate and nasty cease and desist orders: Apparently it is highly illegal to even link to a real-estate webpage listings. Nonetheless, the isntant traffic suggests opportunities for other "featured product" websites.

I can't wait to get home and get caught up. I've got a little piece of code that actually does number to url translations so you can do just that. I link to people sometimes that I don't want to get the credit so I built a go between. Maybe I should release it. Think anyone would want it? It's terribly simple.

So in essence you want to "vote" on whether to include a page in search engines? (rolls eyes)

Nothing like a little censorship when you don't like something.

It's really not censorship. It's the notion of making it clear why you are linking to an item. The search engines could do what they please with the information. Here are some of the types of search it would enable:

"What idea do the most people thing is a good idea?"

"What is the most divisive idea?"

*What idea is the most interesting to people on my blogroll?"

"What do people think about my idea?"

"What is the most disliked idea?"

"What is the favorite idea of the people who like my idea?"

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A site called GoldBlogger seems to be at best useless, and at worst something a lot more sinister. GoldBlogger head Read More

A site called GoldBlogger seems to be at best useless, and at worst something a lot more sinister. GoldBlogger head Read More