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Anil demonstrating the deadpan smile.
Anil coins a new smiley. :|

Have a day everyone...

PS Anil is not nearly as annoying in person as he is online. When I met him at my party I was suprised by how warm and friendly he was. Later I started introducing him to others like this: "Anil is not an asshole but he plays one on TV." He told me that his ability to manage his online personality was his key to success. ":)"


I have gotten to know Anil slowly, conference by conference, and occasional post by post. He has a thick sense of humor. We were on a panel about the future of weblogs and he was immersing all of us audience and speakers in some thorough flattening technocynicism. It was probably the truth, but he relished pointing out that in the future, the personal design of your website, and things like audioblogging or photos aren't going to matter none, because it will all be RSS feeds and keywords and he'll be able to read 10,000 blogs daily. What a vision! I don't mind it, sounds like fun. But I would also like to see the continuation of widespread web page structural and design innovation - different metaphors from reverse chronological streamlined standardized weblog presentation. And Anil wasn't interested in that so much as he was interested in tracking as many different Nora Jones-themed webloggers as possible. So young, so cynical, so efficient!

did you really say that?? you are so cute sometimes!!! amazing though people are quite different when you get to know them :)

Yes, I really did say that. But Anil seemed to think it was funny.

Like to meet you dear. you are so nice

Like to meet you dear. you are so nice

Like to meet you dear. you are so nice

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