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I'm sure everyone knows about "Where's Raed?" a blog by a guy in Baghdad which I wrote about here and here. (Thanks again John for the original link.) Paul Boutin does some great investigative blogging about where Salam Pax, the Baghdad Blogger, is. His conclusion?

Paul Boutin
Q: Is the Baghdad Blogger for real?

A: Probably.

Check out his thoughts if this question has been on your mind.


very weird but in the past 4 days I've gotten at least 30 hits from an IP from Iran.

Maybe Salam Pax likes you. ;-)

I should be scared huh? ;)

Thanks to you for turning me onto Salam...

Diane, a blogger/friend of Salam's in Israel chimes in on behalf of Salam.

It's starting to be noticed that Salam Pax ominously hasn't posted anything except an obscure "4567" (which has since disappeared from my browser display) since last night's more intense bombing of Baghdad.
I get the impression that his site is probably getting hit a great deal since the notoriety it attained particularly in the past 48 hours. It doesn't even load completely now when I try to access it.