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My email notifications list is a combination of people who had subscribed to my blog, my old mailing list and random friends. I stopped sending blog entries via email when I started increasing my output. Some people have told me that they would rather receive email notifications. I just set up a Bloglet account and now you can get this blog via email. If you are receiving this via email, this will be the last time you get email from me. If you would like to subscribe by email, please go to my site and subscribe. The box to enter your email is towards the bottom of the bar on the left side of the page.


You know I could very easily make this a blogrolling add on feature. Lemme know if you like it and if you think it's worth the time to implement. A "subscribe via email" button at the bottom or top of the blogroll would be pretty handy.

Jason, this would totally work for me. If you do it though, please make import and export of email addresses easy. I know promoting spam is probably something you want to avoid, but being able to move lists of people helps a great deal. But checkout bloglet. It's quite well done.

What? You think I won't do a good job? ;-) What's the preferred method of email import? I'm sure I can regex the robe off the pope if I need to. I'll add it to my ever growing, thanks to Marc, list of shit to write.

When are we getting favicons? The photo thing is cool, but would be too heavy for my top page which is already huge...

Tomorrow. I'm attaching new fields to the front and back of the URL's along with a new parameter field for people wanting to add parameters to the inside of their links. You're going to have to host the favicon images on your server since the actual favicon.ico format won't render inside of an image tag but I'm going to be posting a few new tutorials on how to do a lof of these new tricks that have been passed around. I'm glad you're on the wagon now so you won't be hitting me with these drunken feature flights of fancy ;-) If possible, which I have no idea if it is yet I might create a tool to grab the favicon.ico and rip it to a gif on the fly for people to save to their sites. What I'm going to write up though is a new spec for imagerolling and different formats of images that will fit inside blogrolls and for identityrolling like i do on my site right now. I gotta say it's amusing to see your head on Statia's rack. Humorous side effect :-) All of these new features will be paid of course. Freeloaders don't get dick besides their plain jane rolls.

Sounds great. What's Statia's rack?

Oh deary me. One of my friend icons is of my friend Statia that I took in Florida over Thanksgiving.

for the Boobies to Florida 2002 campaign.

We ended up with a huge cash overflow and gave the difference to breast cancer research. But when you come up over statia it looks like you've got a juicy rack :-)

Haha! OK. I get it. I just discovered something that I stupidly missed when I first looked at your faceroll. You randomly pick a few and shuffle them. This is cool. I thought your whole roll showed. OK. I can afford 5 pictures on my page... maybe.

Well I'm installing your feature so if you don't want a full image roll you don't have to have one but in any case I document how to do it here:

I'm going to bed now because it's late and I have a LOT of work to do tomorrow and I just posted something that is going to RAKE in the hatemail tomorrow.

Keep me posted, Joichi!

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