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TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 is a cool Java tool to let you see your Google neighbors. Uses Google API. Reminds me a bit of the Blogstreet visual neighborhood.

Via Werblog


Darn, couldn't get it to work from here.

I've been lurking for a while, but I don't think I've commented.

Reading and mostly doing what we do -- look for good ideas to steal. It took a few hours for this little brain to figure out your and your box in box style on the posts. I'm not stealing it (yet).

Smiles to you. Enjoying your place.

Have a great weekend!

Similar to Kartoo as well

Steal away Meg! I've looked at your site for CSS hits too. ;-)

William. Yes. I looked at Kartoo at the jury of Ars Electronica last year I think. Pretty cool. Maybe I'll try to compile a list of these meta-serach tool. Do you know if there is such a list?

Don't know of any list but I'd love to see one. I'll ask around as well maybe someone at tomorrows Blog conference at Berkeley will know.

Blogstreet visual neighbourhood says CLEARLY it's Touchgraph Googlebrowser, so of course it reminds you abit of it...

You are right, it reminds us a lot like the Blogstreet visual neighborhood.

We just could not remember the name - great I can sleep tonight now.

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