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So I went on a walk as Dave Winer suggested. Then, I called Yuichi, my fat club partner and we decided to play squash and have a weigh-in. We played squash for an hour. I hadn't exercised for a month when I went to the gym yesterday and I was pretty much a mess today. I totally suck at squash anyway, but I was obliterated today. The only thing I have ever been good at is wrestling. I was wearing my Polar heart monitor and noticed that my heart rate went up to 194bpm at one point. Probably a bit too high...

Anyway, I was confident that I had lost some weight since the last weigh-in so I drank a lot of water. Yuichi on the other hand didn't drink any. I wanted to trick him into thinking I was still way out of range so he would slack off. Then, with my new no-alcohol, walking-every-day regime, I could increase my rate of weight loss and beat him easily. ;-)

The weigh-in reminded me of wrestling where we had to weigh in before each match. The biggest difference is that I weigh 17kg more than I did when I was at my peak in wrestling... Anyway, he was still 4kg away from his target and I was 3kg away. We may be at this for awhile...


What happens if the winner crashes the loser's car 'accidently'? :-)

Good luck with this guys, and keep us posted.

Joi, I think you look adorable just the way you are , but we all have to feel comfortable in our own skin. :)

Seems not fat enough. How about the height/weight ratio then? :)

Joi, you should do the Atkins diet - hack your metabolism to make your body burn its fat off. Doc & Cory swear by it.

uh did you say suck? They're not going to let you talk to me anymore you keep using words like that ;)


My goodness, you don't look the least bit overweight! But that's great you're taking up squash. I definitely think finding an activity that's fun and competitive really helps to keep a person mentally as well as physically healthy.

Another thing that helps I think is setting specific performance goals rather than weight signing up for a 12k run and deciding that you want to finish at a particular time...or scheduling a backpacking / mountain climbing trip to prepare for (I'm planning to climb Mt. Shasta in May and without that specific goal in mind I probably wouldn't be motivated enough to train regularly...but since I fear death, I'm going to!) Hiking and mountain climbing are wonderful ways to get exercise because there's also the beauty of the landscape to take in.

good luck :)

David: chauffer provides the car. Yuichi's car is MUCH nicer than mine. ;-)

Liz: Thanks. Well, financially speaking, being comfortable in my old clothes would be a good place to start.

Isaac: Yes. Height/Weight ratio is an important factor. I'm short so might as well not also be fat. Tall fat guys can get away with calling themselves being "big."

Kevin: Yes. I'm on Atkins. I was off for awhile because I heard it might be bad for you, but a consumer report came out saying it was probably OK, so I'm doing it again. Yes. It does work. Still helps, to cut down calories and exercise too.

Chey: Yes. I say "suck" a lot actually. You are still the first people who I ever heard say "suckage."

May: Good point. Once I hit my target, I will be light enough to do some of the things I used to enjoy better and try new challenges which I was affraid to do fat. I want to try mountain climbing and rappeling. I also want to do more cycling and swimming. Maybe a triathalon? Anyway, I'll decide after I beat Yuichi in fat club first. ;-)

Thanks for the support everyone!

Joi, have you been on the Atkins diet while traveling? If so, how does following it while in Japan compare to following it while elsewhere? My instant, off-the-cuff reaction is that the preponderance of rice ("rice" and "food" are the same word, after all) in much of Japanese cuisine might make it difficult...

You inspired me, Joi. I just signed up at the nearest gym and read a copy of "Body For Life".

Frank, actually Japan is fine for Atkins.Usually the rice and noodles come at the end of the meal. Just skip that and you end up with a low-cal low-carb dinner. Lots of Korean BBQ, grilled chicken yakitori, and Japanese open grill robatayaki around. Also, just eating sashimi at sushi bars is OK. Places to avoid are pasta shops, soba shops, ramen shops and cheap Japan lunch joins which give you mostly rice and a tiny bit of real food.

sir, you look like the picture of good health to me! how is your blood pressure? that's what is more important to me.

also, using my 'theory of reality avoidance', i would not acknowledge my having an unhealthy appearance. instead, i would be dressing in all black, in order to look slimmer and in anticipation of the next matrix movie, to look cool.

and rice is real food!

good luck!

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