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Just had lunch with Adriaan, the developer of Kung-Log, my favorite OS X client for Movable Type. It uses the MetaWeblog API to talk to MT. I am proud to say that it was on this blog that Dave Winer and Ben Trott discussed and enabled metaWeblog.newMediaObject which allows me to upload photos, which was my big gripe with the MetaWeblog API. Now MT and Kung-Log support the new API. This photo of Adriaan is brought to you by Kung-Log. With this, I will probably switch to Kung-Log as my primary method of writing to MT.

Adriaan is Dutch and he is a researcher at Tsukuba. He is one of the many people writing great tools "on the side." I wonder if it is the open standards, the excitement of blogging, the ability to discuss standards more easily and better development environments that are causing this increase of useful tools. Or maybe it just looks that way to me since I'm so into blogging right now.

One request. Adriaan, can you do thumbnailing, upload the two images and create the html like MT does? I think you need to do it in the client since it isn't in the API...


It would be even better if not only the thumbnail is created, but additionally the larger original is downscaled automagically for browser display (likely that the image from the digi-came is far too large).


Dirk, iPhoto does that for me when I export, so I forgot about that need. ;-)

Thanks for the compliments, Joi. It was great meeting you!
Let me confirm to everyone that Joi is indeed keeping to his diet. No alcohol has been taken during the lunch. Although there was coffee involved, but, honestly, no one can get off coffee. Not me anyway. Coffee flows through my veins.
As for your request, Joi: Sure that can be done. Nothing is impossible...

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