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How do you like my new faceroll? It's on in my left sidebar. Jason explains how to do it here. You have to be a paying member of to use it. I have mine set up to pick 5 people randomly. If you see your picture and you don't want to be in the faceroll or have another picture you'd rather I used, let me know.


I have two conflicting(?) opinions about the facerolling.

It is fun and neat-o. Why not do it if you can?


I am as guilty as any blogger (or more so since my blog generally has no social commentary, only updates about my own life for mommy to read) when it comes to being a narcissist, but really feel uncomfortable with is the whole High-School popularity contest aspect of blogging. It seems to go against the idea of making a more "open" society of people with differing opinions if bogs become just a clique of like minded individuals getting together to blow up each other's egos.

Then again...

Your blog is great in that it is a kind of meeting place for other bloggers, kind of like the cool kid's house in school, and I find a lot of interesting thoughts and links, and the best way to get the other cool kids to come and contribute is to flatter them with their picture. I don't know if my objection number 2 is philosophical or just the old High School "jealous-bastish / wannabe" syndrome ;-)

Interesting perspective. Hadn't thought about it that way. I guess the big difference between High School and blogs is that it's pretty easy to get on my blogroll actually. Just write interesting stuff consistantly in your blog that has something to do with what I'm interested in. You can show up on my radar by commenting here or linking to something in my blog and I will catch you on technorati. If you have an interesting blog, you're on my blogroll. If you've said a few interesting things, I put you on my RSS list (about 120 blogs) and track you for awhile first. If you're on my blogroll and stop blogging regularly, you're out.

I try to browse every blog that links to me and try to check out blogs of people who comment here. I'm ALWAYS looking for new people to include. Which is not how it felt in High School. There are still very few blogs that I think are really interesting and don't feel like I'm being exclusive. On the other hand, it may appear that way and may end up being that way.

One thing for sure, no one is in my blogroll for their looks. ;-p

Different strokes for different folks.

No one ever said (certainly not Joi) that everyone had to be socially or politically aware, participate in raging debates or ever post regularly.

Joi has chosen to take a leadership role and we all support him in that endeavor. While others choose to contemplate their navel rings. Or latest Tattoo.

That said - there is something to be said about popularity contests. But I don't think bloggers have to anonymous either. As I scour the blogosphere this morning to find a GREAT post on Michael Moore last night at the Oscars - there's a natural dividing line: those who saw the Oscars and are blogging about it, those who missed it and are still blogging about it and the rest of the world.

That's my focus. Not who's prettiest, on Joi's FaceRoll or what Esther is saying - right - now. The ability to focus in on something like that - is sinugarly unique about the blogosphere.

dude - your link to Jason's FaceRoll explanation is broken.


I try to browse every blog that links to me and try to check out blogs of people who comment here. I'm ALWAYS looking for new people to include.

Which is why I read your site. I wasn't commenting about you, or your blog, just an honest reaction to the facerolling. (because you asked for reactions)I love to see pictures of people you are talking about in each post, and follow all the links to their sites, because my interest is sparked by what you have said about them in the post, not just for their looks. ;-p

In fact, I don't even recall ever following someones blogroll links. There are way too many links in the comments and posts that intrigue me that I don't even have time to follow. It all has to do with context.

i can't find faceroll in jason's site. could you please let us know how to do faceroll?

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