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Frank Boosman is pro-war and he and I have had several debates/discussions about this. On the issue of the treatment of POW's, he's on Al Jazeera's side and provides good reasons which I agree with and couldn't have said better.


Thanks for the kind words, Joi. I wrote a detailed explanation of my stance on the Geneva Convention in my previous post here, and a bit more on the topic on a much earlier post here.

I often wonder what new visitors to my blog must think of my political beliefs. I support the war, but not how we got into it. I'm angry with Jacques Chirac, but I'm angry with Donald Rumsfeld, too. I think the world will be a better place without Saddam Hussein in power, but then I think the same of George W. Bush.


I'd like to add a voice of approval to your position. I am also in favor of some kind of punishment for Saddam and others of his ilk (not necessarily Iraqi). To my Japanese friends, I say, remember the Aum Shinrikyo incident. The cult killed more than 100 people with sarin gas in Tokyo subways. The leaders of the cult, so far, have been given either life sentences or death sentences. Saddam gassed 5,000 Kurd-Iraqis.

Donald Rumsfeld, on the other hand, reminds me a great deal of Robert MacNamara -- one of the best and brightest whose brilliance led us into the Vietnam conflict. He recently said he'd "miscalculated." I wonder how long it will take Rumsfeld to figure out he miscalculated?

The UN was unable to deal with Saddam. Iraq grudging allows inspectors back in only when the US forces build-up began. Something had to give. But what's going on at the moment may not be the best way to accomplish the goal. That said, I don't think France, Germany, or Russia could do any better than the United States at disarming Saddam.


Some questions to Charles:

- What's the real goals of the war? Sadam or terrorism, what's the connections between these 2 things?
- UN is a place with a well defined charter, which US also agrees. Why only US can break the game rule?
- Do you think US will be safer or not after this debated war?
- Did we really see the welcome of IRAQI when the colation launch?

I have doubt if showing a short interview with a prisoner of war on television is a violation of the duty to protect against "public curiosity". In my opinion, the prisoners are actually better off that way. Now their relatives and their country know they are alive, so they can't just be killed and disappear, without anyone being the wiser about it.

I'm continuing the discussion on the Geneva Convention in my blog here.

George Monbiot has an excellent (and detailed) article on this subject. Worth reading.

I am still stuck on the fact that the USA sold the weapons to Iraq.

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