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A Japanese guy (site in Japanese but great pictures) with long hair cuts his hair to make a chonmage. Chonmage's are now only worn by sumo wrestlers and actors in samurai movies. This guy goes out to dinner and even gets his picture taken for his drivers license with his new 'doo. Chris, you should try this next.


Is that a dare? :)

I always wondered what happened to this hairstyle - like you said Joi, it's become the domain only of Sumo wrestlers. Jane says the actors in the Samurai television dramas are wearing chonmage wigs. Some of them look like that! You can see a sort of plastic rim around their bald patch. I always thought the truly dedicated actors would have the real haircut. Maybe this guy will be a trendsetter.

According to the link above.

Worn since ancient times, the chonmage style became defunct after the Meiji Restoration (1868) when Japanese men cut their hair by government order in the short Western style of the times. Sumo wrestlers were exempt from the order, as the traditional topknot served as head protection.

It seems to me that chonmage worn only by sumo wrestlers is something like a wig worn by judges in England. Maybe just tradition?

Hey, found your blog when I looked up 'long hair blog pictures' at google. Heh...that guy looks hilarious.

When you google "japanese guy", this is the first site you get. Be proud!

actually i place my hair up in a top knot on certain events, it requires a great deal of attention and skill, it has been outlawed in Japan sinse 1877-78 (not including Sumo). this guy is lucky he wasnt beaten to death.

sorry i wrote the wrong date it was 1867-68 when it was outlawed

Does anyone know how a good topknot can acctually be styled? or where one might find resources to teach such an undertaking?

Anyone know any good hairstyles for me. that i should try?