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A roundup of hilarious satire blogs. Blogs by GW Bush, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il Live Journal link via woj@MetaFilter


Not sure if this qualifies, but we do have the Raging Cow parody blog.

And did you know that Prime Minister of Australia ?

Sorry, the link got lost in the last comment: John Howard's blog.

Hey, where did the usage of blog originate? I thought I had invented the word, years ago, which I and my family have been using in the context of 'feeling a bit bloggy today; the risotto's gone bloggy'

Come here, its all satire.

Here's a satire for you: The 2008 State of the Union address.
Check out The Ownership Society

We have another satire blog - the Prime Minister of England speaks to his people! Prime Minister blog

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