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I finally got my broken 15 inch PowerBook fixed and I've spent the last 2 days, messing with it to get everything installed. I started with a quick and dirty Carbon Copy Cloner copy from my 12 inch PowerBook and that didn't work. Then I did a fresh install and copied all of the libraries and frameworks over and that quickly got screwed up. I spent last night and today installing everything fresh from CD or downloads and moving just my email and key preferences over. Now it seems to be working. I sorted out a lot of stuff while I was at it and even organized my CD's. Phew. That was a lot of work, but I feel like I just moved into a new house with everything sorted out. But... I've let my blog go unattended for a few days and I feel REALLY guilty. BTW, the display on the 15 inch 1GHz is SOO much better than the 12 inch and the extra memory and speed of the CPU make this machine worth the extra weight and size. It feels much better now that I'm back on my 15 inch...


You enjoy the 15" powerbook better than the 12"? I've been thinking that the 12" powerbook was the first Mac small enough to catch my attention since the Duo. But I heard bad things about the screen. And speed and memory? Hum. Rah rah for small computers! I'm hoping to buy a nice desktop soon for my digital media work, leaving writing and email on the road for my small, if aging, thinkpad.

Justin, have you heard the reviews of the new T40p Thinkpad ? I'm shopping for a new laptop and want to wait to see what the new 15" Mac laptop will come spec'd with and I'm also hearing rumors that Alienware is planning a Centrino/Banias based laptop, which is also very promising.