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Magic Box Productions Logo designed by Susan Kare
What a blast from the past for me. I just read on Slashdot about Susan Kare's web page. She is the godess of User Interface Graphics. She did most of the original Macintosh Icons and a lot of the icons for things like General Magic, Windows 3.0, etc. When I was helping to set up a computer graphics company call Magic Box Productions that Hakubun Ito was running, Megan Smith introduced us to Susan Kare who did our logo. It's still one of my favorite logos of any of the companies I've worked for. The T-Shirts were great. ;-) Magic Box Productions was my late 80's early 90's short dabble in the computer graphics world before MacPPP and the web swept me back into computer networks. Magic Box Production is still run by Hakubun Ito.

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Little-known fact --> Susan also did the icons, logos and t-shirts for Frontier.

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