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I am now 9kg lighter than when I started my Atkin's Diet program about a month ago. I weighed in this morning at home at 68.4kg which is just barely under my target of 68.5kg. I will conduct an official Fat Club weigh-in tomorrow at the gym. If I can keep myself under this weight and possibly lose a little more for a safety cushion, I will be free from my committment to not drink any alcohol until I meet my goal.

I have to say that it was tough without alcohol, but I feel much healthier and am definitely not going to drink as much as I used to. I actually enjoyed the challenge and would like to point out to the people who tried to tell me that it was foolish to make promises that I can't keep, that I did in fact keep my promise and actually enjoyed it. Also, special thanks to all of the people who didn't pressure me to drink or eat.

Anyway, it's not over till the fat guy sings, but I'm pretty comfortable that I'll pass tomorrow. I wonder where I will make Yuichi drive me...

A good article in Business 2.0 on the business of the Atkin's Diet



It makes me wonder though, how can you do atkins in Japan? In my time here, it seems that in every meal you get rice, soba, udon, kabocha, ramen, mocchi (and at westernesque shops spaghetti, bread, sweets)...In this country of group harmony, at social meals it seems rude not to slurp away at some carbs, finish your rice, or accept a sweet snack that someone brought back from their vacation. (or perhaps I should take a lesson and stop following the crowd and just accept the disapproval)

Just skip the starch at the end of the meal. Lots of good stuff that is low carb. Sashimi, Yakitori, Yakiniku, Tofu, Steak, Chicken... It's a bit rude I guess, but my health is more important.

wow that's like 20lbs. nicely done. I'm going to check this atkins diet out. I lost 10lbs just by cutting out soft drinks. though i think if i actually did some excersize it would help alot.
On another note i got a pair of E5c headphones after reading your review. i have to say they are amazing! i've never heard half the sounds in my music that i hear with them. so thank you for leading me the way to discovering my music all over again.

You actually don't want to go on the Atkins diet. The reason being is that from the high-carb (complez carbs in particular) comes Glycogen, which is the body's preferred source of fuel, sotred in muscles. Do you want to guess what happens when your carb intake is less than what you require? The body has to get its glycogen. Except this time it takes it from wherever it can get them- the muscles. And it's not just your calves or biceps we're talking about, remember that your heart and kidneys are muscle as well...

Yes a well-trained, healthy body can use protein for energy, however this is only beneficial short-term: ie no more than a week for ATHLETES who have well-developed muscle already.

The best way to eat is a 50/50 combination of carbs/protein.

The problem with the Atkins diet is that it tells you to eliminate carbs. That is a bit hasty- you just need to avoid certain carbs- the simple carbs (like processed foods- white bread for example) and replace with complex carbs (pasta, rice, wholemeal bread) and combined with a HEALTHY, LOW-FAT, LOW-SUGAR (sorry dudes, no alcohol, chocolate or lollies allowed!) diet and regular EXERCISE.

Just in case anyone's forgotten, we all know that muscle weighs more than fat don't we?

Interesting point about buring muscle. I'm excercising as well. Weight training twice a week and some sort of aerobic exercise at least four times a week. I am not noticing significant muscle loss and my body fat percentage has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. It went from 37% or so down to around 24% now... I think that when I get to about 65kg (at 168cm height) and my body fat is under 20%, I will start back on a more normal diet.

Actually, the only diet that works is the Eat Less Food diet. Everything else is a subset of this. At the end of the day your weight depends on how much food passes through your mouth, measured in calories. If the Atkins diet for some reason or another causes people to Eat Less Food, measured in calories, it works.

Specifically, you burn up a certain number of calories each day. It might be 2,500 for a somewhat active guy. Every 7,700 calories over this daily amount you eat causes you to gain 1 kg. Every 7,700 calories below it causes you to lose 1 kg.

The source of the food has nothing to do with anything. Fat has more calories per unit weight than carbos or protein, but in the end, if you measure the calories you eat, it will completely explain, irrespective of source, your weight gain or loss.

You can figure out your daily caloric use by measuring your weight at the beginning and end of a period, say 30 days, and then recording the calories of everything you eat during that period. Divide it by 30 if your weight has remained stable, and that's how much you burn. If you have gained or lost weight, adjust the number of calories up or down by 7,700 per kg before dividing.

The Atkins diet may reduce your appetite in some way, or psyche you out to want to subconsciously not overeat because you feel part of some movement, or restrict you to food that is expensive,thus making your portions smaller, or subtly gross you out about food because you can only eat so much greasy stuff, or whatever. But if you had a calorie meter installed on your mouth you would see the truth: in the end you just ended up eating less, as measured in calories.

Yall didn't read the book. The key to Atkins is to burn your bodies fat, and the only way you can do that is to remove any other fuel. You do this for a limited period of time, and then go through a series of less restrictive carb diets until you are stable.

I don't believe in the atkins diet or that is has any long term health benefits. The lowest rate of heart disease in in Japan, the next best is in the medditerranean. Both these areas thrive on carb laden foods, wine and beer. The staples promoting a healthy long life are carbohydrate rich with pastas, rice vegetables and so on. I say drink more beer, eat more rice and pasta!

exercise.its the only way to not be fat.and i swear by running.8km once a week will do.twice a week if u r impatient. see if it works ;)

I hafta agree somewhat... I run every second day about 4-5 kilometers. Whatching what I eat as well, I lost 30 pounds last summer... AND, more importantly, I gained muscle tone.

That's the prollem with all these diets... everybody wants to look fit so they think losing fat is all that is to it. So you lose the weight but you still look funny. Why? Because like that you don't get any muscle tone.

If your body can handle it, run. Swimming is better even. Anything! Move! (Not you Joi, I mean generally... ;)