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joibeer.jpgYesterday, I officially weighed in at our gym with witnesses and I came in at 67.3kg with my clothes on. My target was 68.5kg so I cleared it comfortably. (Again, flashbacks from my wrestling days.) I had challenged myself to stop drinking alcohol completely until I reach the target weight. I was off of alcohol for exactly 2 weeks. It was a good experience. I lost a lot of weight, found out that I was an alcoholic (addicted to alcohol) and that alcohol was lowering my productivity and my general emotional quality. This was probably because I was drinking too much. I had a beer last night, which tasted REALLY good. I also had sake, a double Jack Daniel's on the rocks and another beer. Although this was not much considering my former average daily intake, I got a headache. Maybe my body is trying to tell me something...

I also called Yuichi, my Fat Club partner to tell him that I had won and that he is my new chauffeur. He promised to find a suitable outfit to wear during his day as my chauffeur. We also agreed to do another challenge, since he still wants some incentive to continue his program.

Anyway, it was a good test of my will and a lot of fun. It's probably not for everyone, but competing with someone and blogging about it was a good way to push myself to lose weight.


Congrats on reaching your goal! Now if only I could... ;-)

Joi, congratulations.

I trully respect your challenge and accomplishment! Maybe I should start considering my addiction to alcohol...

Congrats! I can't do the giving up the drink but it's a mighty good cause. Lookin good my man. Cheers!

A little bit (1-2 drinks a day) is good for you, so I wouldn't feel guilty about that. More than that, though, is not so good. Maybe just saying 'I will only have 1 or 2 glasses of wine (or sake or ???) a day.. would be the way to go, rather than no limits or total abstention..

BTW, wine and beer have quite large amounts of pyroglutamic acid in them, which is a 'smart nutrient' related to piracetam. It's the substance that makes dried beer and wine residue sticky,
and it actually counteracts the soporific effects of alcohol to a significant extent! Isn't that pretty cool?

I'm so proud of you and you look incredibly cute babee :)

Next stop an AA meeting?