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Chris giving me his new Tokyo University name card with Professor Yasuda looking on
Professor Yasuda and "Visiting Associate Professor" Chris Goggans visited our office today. Professor Yasuda has invited Chris to Tokyo University as a Visiting Associate Professor to help educate Japan about security and to break into a few computers. ;-) Chris is now officially faculty at the most prestigious university in Japan. Amazing. I played my own little role by writing a recommendation for him, but hats-off to Professor Yasuda for pulling this off. I think this is GREAT. Chris has the hands-on experience that many of the so-called security experts in Japan lack and having him firmly embedded in the establishment, even for a short period, should have an enormous positive impact on the understanding.

It will also be fun to have Chris around Tokyo for awhile.

I wrote about Chris before here.


This is just bizarre. I recognized the face and name but of course know him better as erikb. I didn't see your previous post about him but my first thought was "What in the heck is erikb doing with Joi?!" Of course reading on I found out but I think it's nice to know how small the world is. In some weird sense, drinking one new years with Chris in Virginia gets me one degree closer to knowing Joi!

All humor aside, it's great to know there is someone with skills is educating people about computer security and not a PR rep or journalist.

Tell him hello from Austin, Joi.

This is groundbreaking for the Japanese educational system. Cheers to the system and for Professor Yasuda!

I was fortunate enough to have met Chris at a dinner with Joi several years ago. All of us also swapped some emails, and Joi had to teach me about PGP keys in order for me to participate in the emails.

Chris, I look forward to hearing what you will accomplish at Todai.

This is a valuable contribution for Japan. When I was in Japan speaking on cyberterrorism and information security issues there were a lot of questions regarding how to teach security at the Universities. I offered to share my course material from the class I teach at Georgetown, but it is nice to see an investment being made in recruiting outside expertise to actual infuse into the educational system directly.

Japan is going to be wide open for the next decade if they are learning computer security from a guy who has been owned by warez traders.

This guy can't even set environmental varibles in shell. He probably will talk to them about "social engineering," which is what all old hackers do when they are out of touch with practical computer security.

We think it's funny, and the image of chris goggans throwing up face first into a toilet is indicative of his talent and skills as a computer security expert.

click to see him throwing up

How long before the Japanese get wise that he doesn't even know how SMTP works.

THis is superficial and may invalid all the comments above. But boy, Chris looks like shit!

What a feat of social engineering. After having been run out of the security circles in the United States, he's now found haven in one of Japan's premier educational organisations. What a dishonor.

Cheers to erikb for pooling the wool over their eyes!

Good going Chris!
Make sure you hit Manila while in SE Asia! ;-)

I worked with Chris in Austin in the early 90s. Chris never ceased to amaze me. He had hair down to his knees back then.

Chris, if you read this, Congratulations. I am glad you made it to the top. If anyone deserves it, you do.

hi :>
i've got little question.. or maybe request :>
i need an e-mail address to Erik Bloodaxe (Chris Goggans)... this is very important for me...

i already have this mail but it just dissapear

Chris Goggans a visiting professor, congrats! I shared a cube with Chris at Dell back in the 90s. Man, I'll never forget going to hohocon with the man! You never know what a celebrity he is until you attend a hacker convention with him. What a night! Look me up next time you're in Austin Chris, I promise not to leave on 6th street just as the night's getting interesting.


I am trying to contact Chris. After reading the book, "Cybershock" and the story of Chris, I was inspired to develope a character for a short story I am writing. I am completely computer illiterate and after days of wrestling with Windows ME and other stuff I haven't a clue about, I finally was able to at least send an email.
At any rate I just wanted to let him know that I was inspired.


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