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Hasegawa-san, the CEO of Global Dining, at the La Boheme bar
Had dinner last night at G-Zone Ginza Global Dining's new restaurant complex in Ginza. Yesterday was the first day in business. It's a HUGE space with a Gonpachi, a Zest, a Monsoon, and a La Boheme, all Global Dining restaurants. It feels almost like Disneyland, tunnels connecting the restaurants and lots and lots of theme stuff like a fake entrance to a Western Inn, etc. The opening party the day before attracted about 4000 people. Hasegawa-san, the CEO of Global Dining, Jun (my partner who is on Global Dining's board), Oki Matsumoto the CEO of Monex and I ate at Gonpachi. The sushi looked REALLY good, but I kept away from the carbs...

On the synchronicity side, the twin brother of a guy who has worked for me at Infoseek forever, Hamano, is in charge of facilities and suprised me. Also, the former manager of Tableaux Lounge in Daikanyama where I used to hang out A LOT is now the manager of La Boheme in Ginza G-Zone. Anyway, you can reserve rooms, they're open late. I think G-Zone will be my Ginza hangout, although I rarely have any reason to go to Ginza these days.

I wrote about Hasegawa-san before here


Sorry reposting of a previous comment, realized I should have posted it here:
Global Dining is a great company, and each of its restaurant is a concept in itself, a magnificent blend of style, food and service. The more I go to Gonpachi, Tableaux, Stellato, or La Boheme, the more I think these concepts could be successfully exported to a country like France. I am planning to introduce the Japanese dining experience to France, and Global Dining is the perfect business model. I think there's a lot to learn from Japan regarding food, restaurant design and service. Joi, you're so lucky to be on the board of GD!!!

Hey Olivier, thanks. My partner Jun is on the board of Global Dining, not me.

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