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I first started using a Wiki in the Emergent Democracy Happening because the SocialText folks used a Wiki to organize the information. I had visited Wiki's before and knew about them, but the ED Happening was the first time I had really used one. Then I saw Robert Kaye using a Wiki to take notes and he said he was addicted. Robert runs MoinMoin Wiki on his PowerBook. I figured that running the same Wiki software as Robert would be a good place to start. I got it running on my PowerBook, decided that I wanted one in a public place too, so I put one on my XServe box. I've been surfing around WikiSpace today trying to understand all of the interesting things like InterWiki links and stuff.

So, my plan is to take notes locally on my PowerBook and paste publishable stuff onto my public Wiki. Using the same software lets me keep the punctuation which seems to be different between Wiki's.

So my question to all of you Wiki gurus is this. Is there any way to get OPML into a Wiki easily? I've been taking notes in NoteTaker which exports to OPML. My blogroll and just about every outline I have is in OPML. I would LOVE to be able to import this into my Wiki...


I just want to hear you say the word "wiki" it sounds entirely too cute :)

Haha. Well, I don't know how "cute" it is, but I actually wanted to test uploading voice, so here is a 240K mp3 file for you. ;-p

Or maybe this is a stupid question. Maybe this is my chance to learn Python. Maybe I'll write a script that converts OPML to MoinMoin punctuation...

Welcome to the wonderful world of wikis!

I am trying to keep a list of known public wikis. most are fairly new and as of yet, inactive at WorldWideWiki:OneBigWiki
Best, Mark

Thanks Mark. I have an aesthetic question. I'm still a bit worried about the security of running new scripts on my main blog machine so I put it on my streaming server. But port 80's taken with my streaming server so I put my Wiki on port 8080. Is this ugly? Is this a problem for anyone?

Anyway, at least it's a fast machine.

Wiki has been discussed and will happen - it's just not a revenue generator - no I mean, there has to be a justification with revenue ramifications, I mean business case.

That interface BTW could be done with RSS and have ENT embedded in it.


OOOpps - that last post makes sense unless it says - Wiki to OPML.... -

...but I tried to do some fancy keywork - which of course MT's comment HTML renderer got confused......

did you see my comment before?

Antoin. I was just ignoring you. ;-o (just kidding) Yes. I remember your comment. It seems to me that since outlines are converging on OPML, whether we could go from OPML to Wiki... I see some stuff talking about Wiki to OPML, but not much traffic about OPML to Wiki.

Marc. Generally agree, but just because people have talked about it, I don't think it means that the talking is over. Also, Wiki's are doing new things all of the time... I think some of the Wiki people have an aversion to security and user login, but for instance, SocialText is doing a lot of stuff in trying to bring enterprise sort of robustness to Wiki's I think...

Yes, wiki is cool. But I guess it won't attract commond users unless the Structure Text could be replaced by WYSIWYG editors, like this:

Glad to see this tool has attracted your attention, Joi.

Some Wikis are very successful as "end media." But they can also used as convenient collaborative spaces for the joint editing of documents that are in a temporary "draft" stage.
A person with html-phobia (I know a few) can begin creating/revising pages by editing a pre-existing document and saving it, or by pasting in a big glob of data in for others to polish (rather than play ring-around-the-email) - and then maybe figuring out the syntax by fine-tuning, little by little.
They don't call it "Wiki" for nothin'. :)

OMG see it is cute when you say it. I'm saving that file for those days when I need to laugh which would be daily ;)
now I'm off to learn all about the Wiki wiki web ;)

Hi Joi if you want to test PhpWiki and learn LangueFrançaise, you could come on your French CraoWiki HomePage ?


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